Top Three Gifts For Father’s Day

It’s not easy to be a dad but these men of steel prove that they can do it all. These cave men have played the lead role since time immemorial but today, they are not afraid to be more hands-on with the kids. If your dad or hubby finds it cool to change nappies or do the laundry then you’ve found yourself a keeper. This Father’s Day, the special man in your life needs a bit more attention and pampering than usual. Enough with the guessing game, you can crack the code into what makes your dad tick by research and observation. Look into his online shopping or social media behavior to find out what he would want as a gift this special dad for dads. To help you get more ideas for what to give your old man, here are the top three gifts for Father’s Day that are surely Instagram-worthy and picked with a lot of thought and heart:

  1. WiFi-Enabled Coffee and Espresso Machine. Who doesn’t want coffee in the morning? Everything starts with a good cup indeed especially while prepping for a long day at work. While enjoying down times, allow dad to relax while reading the newspaper or browsing on news online with his favorite cup of coffee. Dads love the aroma of coffee in the morning and this is a perfect way to start conversations and bond with him over a cup of coffee. This is an automatic coffee machine that prepares coffee in a breeze. If your dads loves iced coffee then the Hyperchiller Iced Coffee Maker would be the perfect gift to beat the summer heat.
  2. Klikey Ingrid 8-Piece Whiskey Set. You can pair this off with his favorite whiskey and set as a surprise at his office table. This is handmade and built with sophistication and class in mind. This certainly would be an elegant gift to give a dad who works hard and knows how to party harder.
  3. Sennheiser HD 598. Dads deserve a brief escape from the stress or work and daily life. Give him this classic headphones with noise cancellation that will help him unplug from routine and tune in to his favorite music or videogames. This new model of Sennheiser produces rich, well-defined, and accurate sounds that surely gives a bang for your buck.

Your dad perhaps taught you how to ride the bike or even fly a kite. These little things that are now part of your precious childhood memorabilia is what fatherhood is all about. It’s not the brand names or the price tag that matters in gift-giving; it’s always about being sensitive and spontaneous in knowing what he needs and would want to receive at this particular phase in his life. While gift guides can somehow prove to be overwhelming, these will help you pick the timely unique gift that would fit your dad. Cool dads out there deserve the coolest gifts you can afford. Spend and spoil him today.


Top 3 Gifts For Mother’s Day

Saving just one day in a year for Mother’s day isn’t enough to honor the woman who molded us into the person we are today. Everyday then should be a celebration of motherhood. Ask any mom of that single memory that made her feel blessed and loved – she would say the moment she became a mom, without batting an eyelash. The pain and difficulties of pregnancy, labor, and childbirth is nothing compared to the bliss and joy it brings to moms.

Moms wear many hats. They have that uncanny ability to multitask and take on different roles in a day-to-day hustle. Many times, you would wonder, where on earth do they find that grit or mental agility to juggle tasks and responsibilities every single day? Call it a natural instinct or a clever skill, moms certainly can do it all nowadays.

Now, it is time to show her your love and gratitude. Pamper and spoil your moms today with these top three gifts for Mother’s Day:

  1. pheromone perfumeRawChemistry’s Elegance-Pheromone Perfume. Women revealed that they feel naked without their favorite perfume on. A lot of moms would agree with this statement. While there is nothing wrong with being nude, in this context, nakedness meant being somewhat incomplete. This perfume concentrate is all about being daring, elegant, and confident which is exactly how many women or moms are exemplified today. The modern world has allowed many women to evolve into powerful leaders who excel in different fields. This scent priced at only $26.50 celebrates womanhood with a scent that spells confidence and sexiness without being too overwhelming or revolting. Whether your mom is single or just enjoys living life to the fullest, this pheromone perfume is what she needs for Mother’s Day.
  2. Morganite Necklace with Diamond Pendant in 14K Rose Gold. Moms love sparkly things. Let her know she is precious like gold with a jewelry set as a gift for Mother’s Day. The classic and stylish design of this piece will certainly enhance her overall look. Women’s affinity for jewelry has certainly transcended modernity in technology. This remains to be one of moms’ top favorites on her wish list. You can also choose jewelries according to her birthstone or opt for sets rather than individual items.
  3. Apple iPad Pro 9.7. If you have a cool mom who is into gizmos and gadgets, then she would truly be thrilled to receive an Apple iPad. With its 9.7-inch screen size, this will allow your mom to stay in touch with friends, take mental note of recipes online, listen to her favorite Spotify channel, watch TV shows while on travel, or check out the latest fashion and Hollywood news right on her Apple iPad. Everything now is on her fingertips with the Apple iPad Pro 9.7 which looks stunning in its Rosy Pink color.

Remember the first time she felt your heartbeat or that gentle kick on her tummy; it was that time she laughed and cried hysterically with delight. She looked forward to that day that she will be able to carry you in her arms and welcome you home. Celebrating Mother’s Day allows us to take charge of that special day wherein we get to map out a surprise tribute to this wonderful woman in our lives.


Top Three Gifts For Valentine’s Day

neuhas chocolate

We secretly desire Valentine’s day for a bunch of reasons. This is the time wherein we get to be romantic and extravagant all we want. Now, planning that dinner date on Valntine’s wouldn’t be complete without the perfect gift to dazzle your loved one. Would your sweetheart love the traditional chocolates and flowers gift on Valentine’s or could you whip up a surprise that would sweep her off her feet this year? Do you know your man enough to give him something that would delight his mind and senses altogether? Couples always look forward to the day of hearts but get all stressed out trying to find what to give their partners on this special day. We have you covered as we provide you a list of the top three gifts for Valentine’s Day:

  1. Fifty Shades of Grey book. It’s not pure erotica but a read that would titillate not just his senses but his mind as well. This is a great gift for him or her that would show how you appreciate what’s in between his ears and not just confined to the private regions of the body. It’s not the typical gift your loved one would expect but a great prelude to a love song or other after-dinner activities.
  2. Sexy lingerie. Women adore lace. Make her feel more desirable with sexy lingerie pieces that will show off her curves with any body shape. You can even slide off a few surprises in between the sheets – like an Elizabeth Arden perfume or any scent that she would fancy. Gift her a luxurious satin or lacey lingerie set that will speak volumes of how you see her as sophisticated and sexy in many ways. This will surely ignite the senses and make her feel more confident and powerful in every way.
  3. Neuhaus Red Leather Heart Truffle. Give him or her something edible and traditional this love month. Indulge in chocolates that are both aphrodisiac and romantic to keep the fire burning on Valentine’s day. This is a great dessert to savor after dinner while enjoying a bottle of wine. Depending on what chocolates he or she would fancy, you can have that paired with a bouquet of flowers for her or a classic watch for him; or perhaps his favorite wine. Chocolates can be easily paired off with almost anything which makes this a truly elegant gift for your loved ones. The food for the gods is an easy choice and a surefire hit for anyone this day of hearts. Whether you like French, Belgian, or Swiss chocolates, your partner would surely have his filling with the beautiful gastronomic assortments of his or her favorite chocolates as gifts. Not to mention, chocolates are also healthy gifts for the heart.

neuhas chocolate

Make Valentine’s extra sweeter and romantic with these gifts that would surely be a prelude to a kiss. You can get a little bit creative by pairing off gift pieces or creating gift sets that he or she would surely appreciate this love month. Complete your Valentine dinner with these gifts. Snuggle up and get cozy on a romantic movie date or get dressy on an extravagant dinner date – whatever your fancy is or your budget range would be, it’s the magic of the execution that matters.

Top Three Gifts For Christmas

Gift-giving during the holidays is a universal language of love. The essence of Christmas is not really focused on the gifts alone but in giving per se. Needless to say, this is indeed one of the busiest times of the year that people are busy peeking on wishlists and shopping for presents to give their loved ones. While some critics would say that Christmas is too cliché and commercialized now so why bother, nothing beats that ecstatic feeling of being able to light up someone’s face while opening up a gift.

Shopping and surprising loved ones or even strangers with gifts during Christmas are a form of altruism – it makes you feel good.  Yes, Christmas inspires you to play Santa and make wishes come true. This lifts up a person’s spirit and creates that special bond between the giver and receiver. Now, shopping for that Christmas gift is tricky. Each person is unique and would appreciate and need different things. How do you figure out what to give someone? Should you give something unique or play it safe with something generic or predictable? We have covered more bases and made a list of the best Christmas presents around. Check out our list of the top three gifts for Christmas:

  1. Amazon Echo. Why this is the ultimate Christmas gift to a techie? It’s got everything covered from A to Z. You can live a sci-fi universe with this new techie must-have. Whether you are a Star Trek fan or not; Alexa will help you find out everything you need hands-free. Ask Alexa about anything random or flip anything under the sun, she has a ready answer for you. Talk about being quick-witted, Alexa helps you bid goodbye to Siri quite easily. You can do voice commands to play music or turn the lights on and off. Anyone would surely love getting this as a gift for the holidays.
  2. Cabernet Sauvignon with a Wine Cooler. Wine gifts are perfect presents for the holidays. For one, it’s a staple for every occasion especially during Christmas season. His or her favorite bottle of wine plus an add-on accessory like wine stoppers, wine glasses, or a wine cooler would be a great wine gift for your dad, grandpa, or your best buddy. While it may be an intimidating gift for some, it certainly never disappoints and is one of the most appreciated gifts during the season of giving.
  3. Anki Cozmo Robot. Kids are at the core of this festive season. So naughty or nice, kids still deserve a gift from you. This robot is the perfect gift for your little one. Allow your kiddo to be adventurous and creative with a sophisticated and intelligent robot that is all out for playtime.

There you have it, the top Christmas gifts that will surely captivate the hearts of your loved ones. While these may not fit the Christmas stockings, it will definitely be tailor-fit to the budget and the taste of the special people in your life. While the essence of Christmas is not in the gifts’ price tags or even on material things, it wouldn’t hurt to take extra effort to make a loved one smile or jump for joy on Christmas.