Top Three Gifts For Christmas

Gift-giving during the holidays is a universal language of love. The essence of Christmas is not really focused on the gifts alone but in giving per se. Needless to say, this is indeed one of the busiest times of the year that people are busy peeking on wishlists and shopping for presents to give their loved ones. While some critics would say that Christmas is too cliché and commercialized now so why bother, nothing beats that ecstatic feeling of being able to light up someone’s face while opening up a gift.

Shopping and surprising loved ones or even strangers with gifts during Christmas are a form of altruism – it makes you feel good.  Yes, Christmas inspires you to play Santa and make wishes come true. This lifts up a person’s spirit and creates that special bond between the giver and receiver. Now, shopping for that Christmas gift is tricky. Each person is unique and would appreciate and need different things. How do you figure out what to give someone? Should you give something unique or play it safe with something generic or predictable? We have covered more bases and made a list of the best Christmas presents around. Check out our list of the top three gifts for Christmas:

  1. Amazon Echo. Why this is the ultimate Christmas gift to a techie? It’s got everything covered from A to Z. You can live a sci-fi universe with this new techie must-have. Whether you are a Star Trek fan or not; Alexa will help you find out everything you need hands-free. Ask Alexa about anything random or flip anything under the sun, she has a ready answer for you. Talk about being quick-witted, Alexa helps you bid goodbye to Siri quite easily. You can do voice commands to play music or turn the lights on and off. Anyone would surely love getting this as a gift for the holidays.
  2. Cabernet Sauvignon with a Wine Cooler. Wine gifts are perfect presents for the holidays. For one, it’s a staple for every occasion especially during Christmas season. His or her favorite bottle of wine plus an add-on accessory like wine stoppers, wine glasses, or a wine cooler would be a great wine gift for your dad, grandpa, or your best buddy. While it may be an intimidating gift for some, it certainly never disappoints and is one of the most appreciated gifts during the season of giving.
  3. Anki Cozmo Robot. Kids are at the core of this festive season. So naughty or nice, kids still deserve a gift from you. This robot is the perfect gift for your little one. Allow your kiddo to be adventurous and creative with a sophisticated and intelligent robot that is all out for playtime.

There you have it, the top Christmas gifts that will surely captivate the hearts of your loved ones. While these may not fit the Christmas stockings, it will definitely be tailor-fit to the budget and the taste of the special people in your life. While the essence of Christmas is not in the gifts’ price tags or even on material things, it wouldn’t hurt to take extra effort to make a loved one smile or jump for joy on Christmas.