Top Three Gifts For Father’s Day

It’s not easy to be a dad but these men of steel prove that they can do it all. These cave men have played the lead role since time immemorial but today, they are not afraid to be more hands-on with the kids. If your dad or hubby finds it cool to change nappies or do the laundry then you’ve found yourself a keeper. This Father’s Day, the special man in your life needs a bit more attention and pampering than usual. Enough with the guessing game, you can crack the code into what makes your dad tick by research and observation. Look into his online shopping or social media behavior to find out what he would want as a gift this special dad for dads. To help you get more ideas for what to give your old man, here are the top three gifts for Father’s Day that are surely Instagram-worthy and picked with a lot of thought and heart:

  1. WiFi-Enabled Coffee and Espresso Machine. Who doesn’t want coffee in the morning? Everything starts with a good cup indeed especially while prepping for a long day at work. While enjoying down times, allow dad to relax while reading the newspaper or browsing on news online with his favorite cup of coffee. Dads love the aroma of coffee in the morning and this is a perfect way to start conversations and bond with him over a cup of coffee. This is an automatic coffee machine that prepares coffee in a breeze. If your dads loves iced coffee then the Hyperchiller Iced Coffee Maker would be the perfect gift to beat the summer heat.
  2. Klikey Ingrid 8-Piece Whiskey Set. You can pair this off with his favorite whiskey and set as a surprise at his office table. This is handmade and built with sophistication and class in mind. This certainly would be an elegant gift to give a dad who works hard and knows how to party harder.
  3. Sennheiser HD 598. Dads deserve a brief escape from the stress or work and daily life. Give him this classic headphones with noise cancellation that will help him unplug from routine and tune in to his favorite music or videogames. This new model of Sennheiser produces rich, well-defined, and accurate sounds that surely gives a bang for your buck.

Your dad perhaps taught you how to ride the bike or even fly a kite. These little things that are now part of your precious childhood memorabilia is what fatherhood is all about. It’s not the brand names or the price tag that matters in gift-giving; it’s always about being sensitive and spontaneous in knowing what he needs and would want to receive at this particular phase in his life. While gift guides can somehow prove to be overwhelming, these will help you pick the timely unique gift that would fit your dad. Cool dads out there deserve the coolest gifts you can afford. Spend and spoil him today.